About Me…

Hey yall! Welcome to my travel blog, where I mix photos and adventures with a little bit of humor and advice! I’m just a girl looking to travel the world and share my experiences and advice with people like you, while working full-time and staying on a budget! Yes, it can be done! I’m neither a luxury traveler nor a shoe string traveler…I’m somewhere in between, probably just like you!

Most recent trip: Colorado Springs & Denver!

FullSizeRender (62)

For me, traveling seems to be the only way to catch a break from the hustle & bustle of our everyday lives. I yearn for a bigger sense of accomplishment for my life, and traveling is the only thing that currently satisfies this urge.

I really hope that through this blog I can inspire someone to be adventurous. Take time for yourself. Make unforgettable memories. See the Wonders of the World. Explore something beyond a 100 mile radius of where you live. Proudly accomplish your goals! 

Aside from being a wanderluster, I’m also a twenty-six year old Southern wife, scientist, and dog mom (x3). I’m really just your average girl trying to figure out that balance between life and travel. My travels started in the Caribbean with trips to The Bahamas and Jamaica, but more currently I’ve visited Italy, England, and Scotland. New adventures are always coming soon, so stay connected with me by hitting that FOLLOW button! 🙂

Check out my bucket list here!

If you’d like to chat about travel or would like additional info about any of my destinations, shoot me an email below!


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