Why travel? Why not!

Travel is food for the soul! Thanks for whoever reads my blog posts-at least I know I’m not talking to thin air! I’ve decided to do an entire post on why I love to travel and what I feel like travel adds to people’s lives.

Too many people are just satisfied with having 4 kids, a 9-5 job, and living in the same town they grew up in. But this is not me! I think about: what happened to enjoying your 20s before you truly settle down? Backpacking across Europe? Seeing Wonders of the World? Spending time on yourself and creating the person you want to be? It seems like no one thinks this way today, and I can’t figure out why. Although I have all of the above mentioned (except the kids!), I’m excited about the possibility of moving next year and traveling this year and next year…because let’s be honest…the world has so much more to offer than Northwest Louisiana. Personally, I wouldn’t be happy with kids right now or any time in the near future…most people know this about me…and there’s nothing wrong with that! You’ll definitely run into criticism from your typical Southerner though, as if society has written a book describing in detail how you should live your life after college and marriage, and any deviation from “the plan” is weird.

Society restricts us to certain standards created by itself. And a lot of people say they envy traveling, wish they could do it, etc. but really they never take the time or the risk to explore something different from “normal.” I’m not talking about some nomadic lifestyle like the travel bloggers I follow, because I do love and gravitate toward my normal bubble (house, dogs, my American lifestyle), but I enjoy getting to have both: adventure and my normal life. So this works best for me. There is nothing wrong with society’s “normal,” but I hope I can challenge or inspire someone to break the norm.

And to get a bit cheesy…I’ll let ya’ll know why I feel travel is so important and what it has brought to my life.

1. Travel develops skills you didn’t know you had!cropped-13582_3553026403231_1049382814_n.jpg

Sometimes it takes traveling far from home for you to realize that you have certain skills you were not aware of or should work to sharpen other skills. Adapting to a new language…spending a week in Italy when you did not study any Italian…not recommended, but a learning experience nonetheless.

TIP: Locals are always so much more receptive when you at least attempt to speak to them in their language, even if it’s with a translator app! You expect those visiting the U.S. to speak English, right??

Traveling throws you out there and makes you uncomfortable, cautious, and aware of your surroundings. It forces you to use basic skills like reading a map and using public transportation, especially today when we rely on phones and GPS for everything. I have to add that my husband was a master navigator in Italy and had most cities on lock down within a day or two; he is always my favorite travel partner!

2. Travel means adventure and having cool stories to tell!


Zip-lining in Florida, exploring Chicago, successfully navigating the streets of Florence or Rome, snorkeling in Jamaica, visiting castles across England and Scotland, catamaran cruising and diving for sand dollars in the Bahamas: these are adventures worth having. People are hardwired for the thrill of adventure, and travel is the best way to tap into that. You never know when your travels could lead to a connection or conversation.

3. Travel gives you perspective and shakes things up!


Seeing different cultures will teach you that the way you’ve been looking at the world isn’t the way everyone else does. You might want to improve the way you shop or consume after visiting a European city, because we should all be more conscience of the environment. I feel like most Americans have a narrow vision about customs or traditions and not aware that cultures around the world can operate very differently. Travel is also a great way to shake up your mundane schedule and enjoy a vacation away from it all. It should give you an appreciation for what you have in your life in America, which is commonly overlooked. I’ve been to several countries, and I still say I wouldn’t want to live anywhere beside the USA.

As usual, I’m always wanderlusting and am planning to travel within the U.S. this year and take another European trip in 2018. France and Germany, I’m coming for you…might even mix in some Switzerland or Austria. Sights are set, which means I’ll make it happen! Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Why travel? Why not!

  1. While I completely agree with all your reasoning behind why you love to travel, I do think you can travel if you have kids. A lot of people use it as an excuse not to, but I choose to use it as an excuseTO travel! Matt and I have several trips in mind(and already planned) to take with Tanner, and with just us two alone. Maybe we should go on a trip together 🙂

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