Travel Bucket List!

Ah yes…the bucket list…I need one if I’m a real traveler, right??

I know some people don’t like to make bucket lists for fear of being disappointed when they don’t visit every place before they die. I get it. But I see mine as a mix of places I have been and a challenge of places I want to see. A way to stay on track with my travel (and personal) goals! Not all of my list centers around travel though. I have other aspirations…live debt free, find a job I truly enjoy, learn to scuba dive…but who am I kidding?…the majority is travel related! Some are original ideas, most not so much…

I really love to do my research and add subjects to my list that interest me and not just what Google says are the TOP 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD. Theses are my Wonders of the World. Courtney’s Wonders of the World. 🙂  I try to fill my list with appealing, yet reasonable destinations, so that I can accomplish as many as possible. Because what’s a list if you can’t cross things off?! Just remember to keep your list personal.

Courtney’s Bucket List of the World


Alaskan Cruise|Arkansas – canoeing, Whitaker’s Point|California – LA, Napa Valley, Redwood National Park, Pacific Coast Highway, San Francisco|Chicago – pizza!, visit Tiffany’s|Colorado – hike, rock climb, Colorado Springs, Denver|Grand Canyon|Mt. Rushmore|New York NYC, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, 911 Memorial, Central Park|Oregon|Texas – Houston, Austin|Washington|Washington D.C.

Chicago Night Sky


Austria – Salzburg, Vienna, Hallstatt|The Bahamas|Canada|China – Great Wall|EnglandLondon, Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford|Egypt – pyramids|France – Sacre Coeur, Eiffel Tower, Southern France, Strasbourg or Colmar|Germany – castles, Alpine Road, Bavaria, Rhine Falls|Jamaica|India – Taj Mahal|Ireland|Italy – Florence DuomoRome Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sirmione, Amalfi Coast, Italian villa|Patagonia|Peru -Machu Picchu, Amazon Rainforest|Spain|Scotland – Edinburgh, Highlands|Switzerland

Florence Duomo
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Surprisingly, I’ve seen more places abroad than in the States, so I guess I need to work on my U.S. Bucket List a little more huh…Colorado is happening in August 2017, and I have plans for D.C. in the Spring of 2018 and an international trip for Fall 2018.

Some of my list includes general areas or countries, but other locations are more specific cities or sites. I don’t just want to see the Eiffel Tower to say “I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower,” but more for the entire French/Parisian experience. So while some places on my list are very vague – like Ireland, where I want to go to just experience Ireland and no specific site – others are very specific like driving the German Alpine Road in Bavaria. I’m also obsessed with castles, so I must visit one in every country I go to! 

I don’t get too caught up in this list though because there’s only one list that really matters…the list of places I have been! And my list is always changing! If I fall in love with a place or accomplish something, I’ll add it to my bucket list. Sometimes you’ll visit a place, and you’ll wonder why it isn’t on everyone’s list! And I may make it to every place on this list or only half of them, but it’s always the goal I want to work toward! And although I may have visited a few of these U.S. locations as a kid, I’ve made a new bucket list for myself as an adult while I’m truly documenting each place and remembering them.

So what’s on your bucket list?? Leave your favorite place in the comments below!


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